Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs, habits, and personal development While Science generates solutions for everyday life and helps us to answer the great mysteries of the universe. In other words, science is one of the most important channels of knowledge. The faculty of education and sciences offers various academic programs, engages in undergraduate research, and manages school practice and internships.
Central to our university mission is: to provide holistic education, relevant skills and innovative technology for liberating, integral and sustainable development. Faculty of Education and Science students therefore, become well-trained in educational theory and practices, which prepare them for careers in both academia and applied research.
Faculty of Education and Science and staff are deeply committed to student success, and routinely go the extra mile in meeting student needs. We offer classes during weekdays and weekends to meet our student schedules and preferences.
Our classes are held on campus, in local schools, and in online formats. Students receive excellent advice for their academic progress. They have opportunities to participate in service learning, community engagement, leadership, and student governance activities. Our faculty has active research agendas that help bridge the research to practice gap, and provide opportunities for student participation in ongoing research.
As the dean of faculty of Education and Sciences, I am honored to serve this wonderful scholar community composed of distinguished faculty members and talented students. Driven by the commitment to educational excellence, constant pursuit of knowledge and visionary thinking, faculty of education and science will continue to be a pre-eminent place for learning, research and training in education and innovation. I invite you to join us in that pursuit and make the most of your time here as you advance your career goals
The faculty offers the following programs:
  • Bachelor of Arts with Education Secondary (BAES)
  • Bachelor of science with Education Secondary (BSES)
  • Bachelor of Education Primary (BEP)
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BIT)
  • Diploma in computer Science (DCS)
  • Diploma in Education Primary (DEP)


On behalf of the staff and faculty of Education and Science, it is my great pleasure to offer you our congratulations on your graduation. It has been our privilege to meet you, interact with you and most importantly to assist you on your journey from high school, through undergraduate life, to young professionals.
We know that all our graduating classes have overcome extraordinary circumstances to forge that path and arrive today as graduates. This is a time for all of us to celebrate and honor your accomplishments. As you move forward into your careers and life-long journeys, remember that your path continues, know that you can accomplish anything, and do great things with the knowledge you have acquired.
Endeavor to find purpose in life. You are gifted and talented in many ways. Do not put your life to waste. Use your life for the good of your personal growth and for the good of mankind. Remember Graduates, you are forever part of USJM community. Congratulations