Background History

Since 2003, the Archdiocese of Mbarara (AOM) has been committed to starting a University as part of its mission and mandate of the church to establish educational institutions of different levels to share in the salvific ministry of Christ by being the salt and light to the world.

In 2009, Archbishop’s pastoral letter on starting University of Saint Joseph Mbarara(USJM) stated “Our decision to start a University of Saint Joseph must be seen as a pastoral challenges we are facing, particularly priority which takes into account the growth and developments of our Archdiocese, and the different pastoral challenges we are facing, spiritual growth and socio-economic development in our Archdiocese, in Uganda and in Africa. The University will aim at at contributing towards improving the livelihoods of our people. It will foster the pastoral mission of the Church: for its academic programmes will be inspired by human and christian values. We have appropriately chosen a fitting motto of the university namely ” Foster integrity”.
Integrity is a characteristic virtue of its patron, Saint Joseph, and we know how much we need it in our personal lives, families and political and social and socio-economic sectors.”

Letter of interim Authority
In the meeting of 19th December 2016, The National Council for Higher Education accepted the application of the Archdiocese of Mbarara to establish and operate a private University in Uganda hence granting USJM promoters a letter of Interim Authority.

Letter of Provisional License
After successful fullfilment of all requirements to establish and operate a private University, at its 45th Council Meeting of 27th November 2017, NCHE granted USJM a provisional license and accredited 11 academic programs