1. Citation

These rules shall be referred to as the University of Saint Joseph Mbarara Student Rules (hereinafter referred to as “student rules.”)

  1. Application

  2. These rules shall apply to all students of University of Saint Joseph Mbarara.

  3. These rules shall not exclude:

  4. the application and enforcement of the Laws of Uganda in relation to any matter concerning a student or group of students;

  5. the application of any rules and regulations as may be from time to time, in place pertaining to the use of the Library Laboratory or any other facility of the University.

  6. Every student duly registered to the University shall at all times, whether within or outside University premises, comply with these rules and any other rules of the University, faculty, department, Library, Laboratory or any other facility of the University and any associated or partnering institution.

  7. Every student shall be required to sign a document to the effect that he/she agrees to comply with the USJM regulations.

  1. Definitions and Interpretation

Unless the context otherwise requires, for purposes of these rules –

(a) “Council” means “Governing Council”- the Supreme Organ of the University of Saint Joseph Mbarara (USJM)

(b) “Responsible officer”: Any member of staff as the responsible of performing a specific task(s)

(c)  “Student” means a student duly admitted to an academic or research program at the University, whether registered or not.

(d) “Student (General) Rules” mean the University of Saint Joseph Mbarara Student (General) Rules.

(e) “University” means University of Saint Joseph Mbarara.

  1. General standards of conduct

  2. Every student shall at all times exhibit respect for him or herself, fellow students, staff including teaching and non- teaching staff and all persons in Authority and in the community near and far.

  3. No student shall conduct him/herself in a manner that tarnishes or brings into disrepute the name and image of the University.

  4. Students shall at all times observe proper dress code and general standards of decency.

  5. Every student shall at all times uphold the values of the University.

  6. Students shall observe general principles of privacy and avoid conduct that infringes on one’s right to privacy.

  1. Student Reporting

  2. a) Students joining the University for the first time shall report on the official University appointed date.

  3. b) Any student unable to report on the appointed date shall immediately inform the relevant University authorities (such as the Academic Registrar) not later than two weeks from the appointed date of reporting.

  4. c) Failure to comply with this rule shall lead to rescission of admission

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