The senate is the chief academic organ of the University of Saint Joseph Mbarara.


  • The Vice-Chancellor, as Chairperson
  • The Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  • Academic Registrar, as Secretary
  • Deans, Directors and Associate Deans of all Faculties, Schools and Institutions
  • A number of Professors and Associate Professors of the University that the University Council will determine, which includes one professor or Associate professor from each faculty or school elected by the Academic staff of the faculty or school.
  • University Head Librarian
  • University Bursar/Chief Finance officer
  • Dean of students
  • Director of Human Resources
  • A number of non-academic staff that the University council will determine which is elected by non-academic staff.
  • University Guild President or his/her Deputy

    Functions of Senate;

    a) Initiate the academic policies of the University and advises the University Governing Council on the required facilities to implement the policies.
    b)Make regulations regulations  regarding the eligibility of persons for admissions  to courses and programmes, and the actual pursuit of and examinations in such courses and programmes leading to the award of degrees, Diplomas, Certificates or any other awards of the University.
    c)Approve the content and academic standards of any programme or course of study in respect of a degree, diploma, certificate, or any award of the University.
    d)Make regulations with regard to the standard of the proficiency to be attained by by candidates in each examination for degree, diploma, certificate or any other award of the University.
    e)Determine which candidates have reached the standards of proficiency referred to in the intermediate proceeding paragraph and are otherwise qualified for the award of the relevant degree, diploma, certificate or other academic award of the University.
    f)To initiate proposals relating to the management of the University generally, including the organization of the academic year and its activities, and discussions of any matter relating to the University and making submissions thereon to council.
    g)Submit to council draft statutes, rules or regulations relating to the management of the university.
    f)Make recommendations to council regarding the appointment of Deans, Associate Deans, and heads of department in accordance with the provisions laid down in the statutes.
    h)Make recommendations to council regarding the establishment of new academic programs, institutions, or organs and all matters connected therewith and the establishment or connections with institutions of education, research or of a professional character.
    i)Make regulations under the powers conferred on I by council or generally and incidental to the functions of the senate.
    j)Submit to council requests for the interpretation of any legal or administrative provision concerning or affecting the university.
    k)The senate may revoke a degree, diploma, certificate or any other title conferred or awarded to any person if after due inquiry it is found that the award was obtained through error, fraud, or wrongful means.
    l)A person derived of an award under paragraph(1) of this sub-section shall have the right to appeal to the council against the decision of senate.
    m)Not with standing any other provision of this charter, council shall not initiate any action in respect of any matter falling under the original competence of senate and, in particular, any of the matter mentioned under the paragraphs (a), (b),(c) and (e), of this article except upon receipt of a report or proposal there under from and by senate , and council shall not reject any such report or amend any regulations so made without further reference to senate